How to Solve Your Common Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems arise of out nowhere, but some are more common than others. We’ve outlined the most common plumbing questions below so you can find the answers you’re looking for. Feel free to reach out to one of our qualified technicians to learn more or get specific questions answered.

Why Is My Toilet Running?

Your toilet may start running due to a variety of reasons. Usually, it’s because of a leak in your fill valve. When this occurs, our technicians lower the valve’s level. Another common reason for a running toilet is too much water. When the water level is too high, water constantly drains into the overflow tube. If neither of these issues is the reason behind your running toilet, check your flapper chain is properly aligned. Finally, your toilet handle can stick and continuously flush your toilet, causing it to continue running. If you’re unsure of what’s going on with your toilet, call a professional plumber for assistance.

How Can I Improve My Water Pressure?

Low water pressure is commonly caused by clogged pipes. Buildup and blockages in your pipeline prevent water from flowing through. A pipe inspection allows technicians to identify and dislodge clogs. If your pipes are older, consider trenchless pipe replacement methods for a stronger plumbing system. If your pipes aren’t the problem, low water pressure may be due to your shutoff valve. This system is located next to your water meter and needs to be fully open to operate. Professional plumbers should know exactly where to look to determine the cause of your poor water pressure and advise you on the most effective repair approaches.

What Does Trenchless Plumbing Mean?

As a homeowner, you may have heard technicians use the term “trenchless repairs.” Traditional pipe and sewer maintenance requires tedious excavation and destroys your yard in order for professionals to reach your pipes. But trenchless eliminates excavation and preserves your lawn. Trenchless technology allows us to reach pipes through entry points and access areas. Going trenchless means less digging, faster services, and more effective plumbing repairs.

Call Your Local Plumbing Experts

Vietzke Trenchless is your go-to plumbing team. From septic tank services to trenchless pipe boring, we’re the reliable and affordable technicians you can rely on.

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