Have a Bad Clog in Your Home?

Main Reasons to Choose Hydrojetting Services

If you’ve owned a home or commercial property for any length of time, you’ve probably had to deal with the hassle of a clogged plumbing line. Below are three of the benefits of choosing a knowledgeable plumber to provide hydrojetting services on your property’s plumbing system.

Keeping the Lines Open

The most obvious reason to call in a plumber for hydrojetting services is the need to keep the pipes in your Spokane home or office building flowing smoothly.

Clogged pipes can lead to disgusting sewage backups that result in expensive damage to property and that may necessitate moving out or halting business operations until the situation can be resolved.

Even blockages that don’t cause wastewater to back up into a structure can allow the release of raw sewage into the natural environment where it can reach surface or ground water sources.

Preserving Your Pipes

A clogged pipe may be more prone to rusting, deterioration and failure because it is in constant contact with corrosive waste products.

Professional hydrojetting on a regular basis removes the residual solid waste materials that can collect and cause damage to piping.

Hydrojetting also uses a high-pressure stream of water to clean the interior surfaces of the plumbing lines. This method of cleaning is far less hazardous to pipes than harsh chemicals or sharp, abrasive cleaning tools.

Avoiding a Big Mess

Unclogging a residential or commercial plumbing system is often dirty and difficult work. Dealing with even a minor system clog on your own can be time-consuming and leave you cleaning up an unexpectedly large mess inside your Spokane home or on your property.

Experienced plumbers are armed with the proper equipment to tackle the job quickly and with minimal disruption to your household or business operations. Plumbers also have the expertise that’s required to deal with messy situations in ways that are safe for people, animals and the greater environment.

If you’d like more information on hydrojetting services in Spokane, WA, call the team at Vietzke Trenchless Inc. at 509-244-9607 today for more information.

We’re standing by to answer your questions about hydrojetting, and we’ll gladly schedule an appointment to come to your home or place of business for an estimate or on-site consultation at your request.

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