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Spokane Excavation Services

Do you need expert Spokane excavation services? When you call 509-565-8520 today, we’ll provide you with safe, effective service and affordable prices.

Whether work needs to be done on your sewer line or your property is being developed in some way, quality excavation is a must. There are many things that can go wrong if the dig isn’t performed professionally, and finding the right excavation expert is a key component in the equation. At Vietzke Trenchless, we have decades’ worth of experience in the sewer and water business, and a highly skilled excavation team that will provide you with the solutions you need.

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High Quality Excavation Services

There are several different reasons you might require excavation services on your property, with repairs, installation and development being the most common. When it comes to excavation, there isn’t much room for error, as so many of the pathways that help power our daily lives are buried underground. When you add sewer lines and water pipes to that, it’s easy to understand how accuracy and a keen understanding of what is going on under the ground is such an integral aspect.

Why Do I Need Excavation Services?

With our high quality trenchless sewer line repair and replacement services, we can usually repair or replace your damaged sewer line without having to dig at all. However, there are times when a more thorough treatment is needed and some digging is required. Excavation may be required for new water line and sewer line installations, as well as excavating basements, prepping sites for construction or underground parkades, demolitions or clearing lots. If you’re unsure whether you need excavation services, or how in-depth the excavation needs to be, a quick call will help sort it out for you.

The Need for Professional Excavation

For smaller excavation projects, some homeowners like to try the DIY approach to save money, but that is usually a recipe for disaster. Not only does a professional excavation service like Vietzke have the right equipment for the job, we have the experience and troubleshooting skills to know what to do if things don’t go exactly according to plan.

Pick up the phone and call Vietzke Trenchless today at 509-565-8520 for professional excavation services you can count on. When it’s time to dig, you need a company that can come in and provide you with clean, safe excavation that won’t disrupt the rest of your property or the neighbors. Give Vietzke Trenchless a call to get started.  

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Vietzke Trenchless provides high quality solutions for your most difficult water and sewer projects. Call us now at 509-565-8520 to schedule a free estimate.

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