Don’t Flush the Disposable Wipes!

The History Of Wet Wipes

Wet wipes have a history of being used on small children, especially since they are more convenient than using towels or pieces of cloth that have to be washed after a child is clean. The convenience of wet wipes easily caught on, and those who used them would carry them around whenever they took the child away from the home, so they would be able to clean the baby at a moments notice.

Wet wipes are great because they not only clean a child but have the ability to clean anyone and any part of the body. Some people choose to use wet wipes for other types of cleaning, such as:

  • Window cleaning
  • Computer cleaning
  • Sanitizing and cleaning hands
  • Cleaning up a child’s face
  • Wiping stains off the wall
  • Cleaning one’s private areas
  • Dusting

Those that utilize wet wipes on a regular basis may have to work it into their budgets because they are not as low-cost as toilet paper but are more efficient when cleaning the buttocks or when cleaning anything else around the home. Since wet wipes can also be sanitizing, they are a great way for a person to get themselves thoroughly disinfected after going to the bathroom, which makes them feel much better about themselves once they leave the bathroom.

Even though the history of wet wipes shows that they were mainly for children, adults are using them now, and wet wipes that are created specifically for adults have created, so there’s been a larger number of adults using these wipes.

Wet Wipes Have A Bad Habit Of Causing Clogs

Adults are using wet wipes now, and this is not just in the USA alone but all over the world, and this is known because of the clogs that they are causing. The clogs posed by the wet wipes have been notated all over the world, especially the 15 ton sized wet wipe ball that was found in the sewers of London and caused many not to be able to use their plumbing system or even flush their toilets.

New York also complained of finding large masses of wet wipes that have clung together to create a massive clog in their sewer systems, and other cities have reported the same problem as well. Some have taken measures to reduce the wet wipe problem, particularly as it’s affecting their machinery and causes them to need to be upgraded or new machinery that can process the wet wipes because they don’t degrade easily.

When toilet paper is used in the bathroom, it can quickly deteriorate and disappear with the water, but wet wipes have a harder time degrading and can sit in the water, expand, and take several weeks to go finally. The fact that wet wipes are so hard to disintegrate means that it’s a problem for those who have to process it, and many treatment centers are complaining about the fact that wet wipes will stay intact for way too long, causing them to have to use other measures to get the wipes to break down.

These wipes can also cause clogs in your home, and even though the city may be able to afford to get rid of these wipes, you’re going to have to fit the bill on your own if they clog up your pipes. Unfortunately, some will only believe the damage that can be caused by wet wipes after they have to let a plumber come out to fix their pipes because of the clogs are keeping the pipes from functioning properly.

You Can Avoid Getting Clogs When Using Wet Wipes

You still feel the need to use wet wipes, and that’s fine, but you need to be responsible when you use them if you’re an adult. Those who use wet wipes should never take the chance and flush them because they may end up getting stuck in the pipes and cause clogs when other waste goes down the toilet.

Don’t flush the wipes, use a trash receptacle or garbage can that is placed in your bathroom, and if you put the trash close enough to the toilet, then you’re very likely to use it as opposed to flushing your wipes. Getting a garbage receptacle that has a cover or lid and can be closed is the best choice because it always helps to prevent smells from going throughout the bathroom. If you choose to dispose of your wet wipes the right way, then clogs will not be something that you’ll have to worry about.

Choose Toilet Paper

Make the choice to use toilet paper instead of wet wipes if you feel the need to flush the wipes. Toilet paper is made especially for bathrooms, and you never have to worry about a clog with toilet paper unless you’ve used it incorrectly, such as wadding it up to where it’s too big to go down the toilet without clogging it. Remember, most pipes have a thickness of around four inches, so anything bigger than that can get stuck in the pipes.

What To Do When A Clog Is Present

If you already have a clog, then you’ll need to get your plumber because if the clogs are related to the wipes that you’ve been flushing down the toilet, then it may be a big hassle to get the clog dislodged. The plumber can use many of their methods to try to get the clog out, and toilet repair, as well as drain cleaning, is something that the plumber can do as well.

Call a great plumber at Vietzke Trenchless Inc in Spokane, WA at (509) 244-9607 for toilet repair and drain cleaning.

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