Do You Need Cured-in-Place-Pipe Lining Services?

Signs of Needing CIPP Lining Services

In repairing your sewer, traditional trenching methods tend to dig up not only your Spokane yard but also the street facing your home. You have to pay for traffic rerouting, as well as repairs to city property or sewer lines — all of which can cost over $20,000.

You may require their repair services again in ten years or so, at the cost of another $20,000; traditional trenching can be only a temporary fix, though the companies will gladly take your money.

Trenchless Sewer Repair, however, offers a 50-year solution (that will more likely last your lifetime) and a ten-year warranty in case of any leak occurring in that time.

The company guarantees not to dig up your Spokane yard or cause any trenching troubles, such as rerouting traffic. Knowing when to call in CIPP lining services can be a task, though, so learning these 5 signs matters.

Roots Under the Ground

The most common problem. When pipes leak, trees crowd in for nutrients and break the pipes up further. Cut the roots of the trees and the trees simply grow in thicker and faster.

Our pipe lining, however, molds to the diameter of the host pipe, restoring the structural integrity of the original without a single seam or joint.

The trees die naturally, and we guarantee that, for at least 50 years, no ground shifting, tree roots, or anything else will reopen a leak.

Though the lining does reduce the width of the pipe by a rough quarter inch, experts agree that this should not affect its capacity to transport waste. The sleek resinated felt increases the flow and capacity of the pipe, in fact.

Deterioration of the Pipes

Your sewage pipes may deteriorate any number of ways that require CIPP lining. For one thing, any system from the 1970s requires an update in the form of our non-hazardous trenchless lining, simply due to age.

Then, if the pipes were installed incorrectly, they may have sunk into the ground, become offset, collapsed, or been otherwise damaged. Clay pipes sink if not properly supported, cast-iron rusts, and concrete in acidic ground can break. Age, ground shifting, and improper setup are signs that your sewer needs Trenchless Sewer Repair’s cured in place pipe lining.

Blockage in the Pipes

Hair, grease, sanitary products, and more can all build to the point that they first clog, then pressure, then crack the sewage pipes. If your sewage pumper did poor quality work last time he visited or if he has not visited in some time, you will very probably desire Trenchless Sewer Repair pipe lining. A backup from the city sewer line will lead to the same results.

Roots, age, ground shift, improper setup, and blockage all show that cured in place pipe lining is required. A product that lasts a 50 year minimum, CIPP lining is non-hazardous and non-destructive, restores pipes to better-than-new condition, and withstands every corrosive environment.

Trenchless Sewer Repair guarantees your satisfaction with their product, and by way of expressing their confidence in the product, offer a ten-year warranty.

If you need CIPP Cured in Place Pipe Lining services in your Spokane, WA area, call Vietzke Trenchless Inc. at (509) 244-9607 today

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