DIY Drain Snaking Is Not Worth the Trouble

clogged drain

When you’re having troubles with a clogged drain, you might be tempted to solve the problem yourself. However, as cost-efficient and as admirable as it seems, it might not be the best choice. When you encounter clogging issues, the best approach is to contact a drain cleaning company to solve the issue.

What is Drain Snaking?

It is a traditional method of cleaning a clogged drain by using an auger attached to a steel cable. During snaking, the auger is inserted into the drain. The coil then moves to eradicate any blockages present. However, although it is one of the well-established and cost-effective ways of drain cleaning in Spokane, WA, drain snaking only provides you with temporary results at best.

Why is DIY Drain Snaking Not Worth the Trouble?

Drain snakes can be challenging to maneuver. Hence, they can easily damage drainage pipes if used by a person with no knowledge of these techniques. When you exert too much force while using a drain snake, you can scratch the pipe and damage the undercoat. This can cause rusting and cracks, resulting in more severe issues.

Additionally, when you misuse a drain snake, the wire can recoil at a top speed, exposing you to a possible serious injury. You can quickly lose control of a drain snake if you have little or no experience with it. Thus, the best way to avoid unnecessary injuries is by contacting a drain cleaning company.

Although drain snakes can help remove clogs, sometimes they can aggravate the issue. For instance, if you have corroded or old pipes, inserting drain snakes into the pipes can jam some metal parts, worsening the clog or damaging the pipes.

Reaching out to an expert to provide drain cleaning services is the best way to solve clogging issues. Contact Vietzke Trenchless today to book an appointment.

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