Common Septic Issues During Spring

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Your septic tank plays a huge role in your household. If there’s a problem and you need repairs or a septic tank installation in Coeur d'Alene, ID, you can call on Vietzke Trenchless to do the job. It’s important to know the most common septic issues during the spring, so you can prepare for them in advance. Here are some:

Excessive Moisture

In the spring, especially during April, there’s a lot more rain. You are also more likely to begin watering your lawn with the hose or sprinklers. As a result, there’s likely to be excessive moisture in your yard and in the leach field where your septic tank lies. The soil can become oversaturated and prevent the drain field from releasing wastewater. You may need septic tank services as the waste may not be able to properly drain and may even cause a backup in your plumbing system.

Plant Growth

It’s only natural for more plants to grow and bloom during spring. However, the roots of trees and shrubs on your property can begin to grow and spread, eventually infiltrating your septic tank. This happens when the plants are in need of water and fertilizer. If the roots infiltrate the system, you will need septic tank repair or even a replacement if the damage is that great. You can take measures to prevent this problem by ensuring that no trees or shrubs are growing too close to your system.

Increased Usage of Water

As the weather continues to grow warmer, you may have more people over at your house. When family members visit and stay over, it can lead to an increased usage of water in your home. There are also instances where there are two or more people showering at the same time. As a result, your septic tank has to work that much harder and you may be left with a clog or overflow in your yard. You can avoid this type of strain on your septic system by making sure only one person bathes at a time and that the water doesn’t run while brushing teeth and washing dishes.

If you need a septic tank replacement, you can rely on Vietzke Trenchless. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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