Common Reasons Behind Recurring Clogs

drain cleaning in Spokane, WA

A clogged drain, to a great extent, affects your home’s comfort and disrupts your household’s activities. Additionally, clogged drainage systems harbor hazardous bacteria. This is why making sure that your drains remain clear should be a top priority. If you’re dealing with recurring clogs, worry not as Vietzke Trenchless offers top-notch drain cleaning in Spokane, WA.

Watch out for these leading causes of recurring clogs.

  1. Presence of Hard Water

The natural water in the Spokane, WA area has a high mineral concentration. These minerals lead to the development of a limescale layer within the plumbing system. Over time, the pipes become narrow, obstructing water flow. Contact our drain cleaning company to carry out professional descaling. You can also consider investing in a top-quality water softener as a long-term solution aimed to reduce the mineral content in water.

  2. Tree Roots

Another leading cause of recurring clogs is tree root infiltration. Typically, tree roots grow in the direction of water sources. As the tree root grows, it damages the internal structure of the pipes. Drain cleaning methods such as hydro jetting is one of the most viable methods of fixing a clogged drain due to tree root invasion. Moreover, frequent inspection is crucial to detect root infiltration before the damage becomes worse.

  3. Food Waste

Throwing away food scraps down the sink is harmful to the drains. However, most property owners are somewhat negligent when it comes to proper food disposal. It’s best if you establish a composting pile for eliminating food remains. Alternatively, a trash can will also do the job. Drain snaking is also helpful to get rid of any food buildup.

  4. Toiletries and Personal Hygiene Products

It would be best to avoid disposing of feminine products via the toilet drains. These items include pads, tampons, and cotton swabs. Exposure to fluids and moisture causes these products to grow bigger. Thus, flushing them down the toilet is absolutely a bad idea. Consider investing in a trash bin to dispose of such items.

Are you in need of excellent drain cleaning services? Contact Vietzke Trenchless and let us know how we can help.

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