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How to Clear a Clogged Drain in Spokane, WA?

When a drain becomes clogged it can be a real problem. Water can back up into the home and make a mess. If the clog is bad enough a person will have to call a plumber to come and fix the problem. A person can learn how to clear a clogged drain in Spokane, WA before it becomes a major problem. These methods can be tried before spending a lot of money by calling a professional plumber.

There is a mixture that can be made using regular vinegar to help clear out the drain. The vinegar is poured down into the drain. A ½ cup of baking soda can be used as well for every ½ cup of vinegar that is used. Cover up the drain with a stopper or put a steaming rag over the top of it. Allow the drain to stay closed like this for at least 30 minutes. The foam from the mixture will be breaking down any material that is clogging the drain.

Once the mixture has been allowed to sit in the drain a plumber can be used to remove any clog. If the material is deep down in the drain then a drain snake should be used. The snake looks like a long piece of metal rope. It can be fed into the drain. Once the snake gets stuck the cables will be turned. This will catch the debris that is clogging the drain and it can be removed easily.

There is another simple method that can be used to unclog a drain. A ½ cup of salt and a ½ cup of baking soda are poured down the drain. A teakettle full of boiling water is then poured down the drain as well. Once again the drain should be covered. This mixture should be allowed to sit overnight. After this time a person should use a plunger to plunge the drain while running hot water. Over night this mixture should have dissolved the clog including clogs from grease.

If the clog is deep down into the drain additional steps may have to be taken. In order to unclog a drain the overflow opening should be covered with a plunger. The clogged basic should then be filled with water to cover the plunger’s head. Pump the plumber up and down very quickly. This should build up enough force with the water pressure to remove the clog. This may have to be done for a couple of minutes before the drain is completely unclogged.

In addition to plunging the drain a drain and trap auger can be used. The popup stopped should be removed from the drain and the wire should be fed down. It can then be removed back and forth to help loosen up the clog. If this does not remove try taking off the trap and giving it a good drain cleaning. The auger can also be used in the trap to remove nay clogs that may be causing the water to back up.

These are just some ways that a person can clear a clogged drain. If these methods do not work they may need to call in a professional plumber in Spokane to remove any clogs and make sure the plumbing system is working properly.

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