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How to Clean a Main Line Drain in Pasco, WA?

When the drain lines back up especially a main drain line this can cause a lot of trouble. Clogged drains especially main drains can lead to flooding and a number of other issues. These main lines need to be fixed right away. Many wonder how to clean a main line drain in Pasco, WA. There are some tips on how to get the main line drain free from blocks and get it running smooth again in no time.

If there is a problem with the drain the repairman will first look at the Y shaped fitting that is located near the bottom or the soil stack where the drain exits the home or the building. Something such as a large pain needs to be placed under the drain so that when it is opened water can fall into it once the clog is going to be removed.

A wrench pipe can be used to help open up the drain. Slowly unscrew the drain and remove the plug in counterclockwise motions. This will also help control the flow of water. When the water has stopped rushing out then an auger is inserted to help remove any debris that is stuck in the drain.

If the blockage was not able to be located easily then the house trap should be checked. The house trap is a u shaped fitting that is underground. Before cleaning this out be sure to put plenty of paper towels on the floor in case of flooding. If there is a clog in the house tap then it should be easy to remove. Once again an auger may need to be used to remove nay kind of clog. The trap plug may also need to be replaced and this should be done by a professional.

If the main drain in a basement is clogged it can be from other causes. Tree roots may have grow in the joints of the plumbing system. In this case a power auger or an electric rooter may have to be used. This can be inserted into the pipes to cut away the roots that have overtaken the plumbing. The device can then be used to remove any debris that go stuck in the drain. When using these tool be sure to replace the clean out drain to make sure that all the roots are out of the system.

There are a number of drain cleaning products that can be used to help support the drain system. While this can help keep clogs from building up in the drain, drain cleaners alone may not be enough to clean out the entire system and remove any pre existing clogs.

These are some easy way to clean out a main line clog. This is one of the main drain pipes in the home and if there is a clog it needs to be handled immediately. If this drain becomes clogged a it needs immediate attention. A professional should be called in right away to clean out the clog and get the plumbing system working well once again.

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