5 Tips For Maintaining Your Plumbing & Pipes In Eastern Washington During The Summer

Summertime brings families together; from barbeques to trips to the beach, the season invites fun times for everyone. But the added number of people and activities on your property can also place strain on your plumbing system and result in major accidents that can be expensive to fix. Fortunately, our team at Vietzke Trenchless is here to offer some tips on the best way to keep your pipes during the summer.

  • Schedule drain cleaning services regularly
    This only needs to happen about every three to six months, depending on whether or not you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink. Since you’re probably grilling a lot these days, it’s best to rinse out and clean off any plates and dishes before putting them in the sink, but everyone forgets now and then. Drain cleaning services clear out and clean your drains, making sure you don’t develop clogs.

  • Avoid washing grease down the drains
    Grease cools and hardens inside of pipes, and an excess amount allows it to form clogs in the pipes over time. We recommend throwing away extra grease when possible in order to keep the pipes free of excess grease.

  • Be mindful of nearby trees and plants
    In the summer months, tree roots can grow very long in search of water. If you have trees on your property, it’s worth checking to see if any of the plumbing pipes are nearby. If you have the system mapped out and find that they are, try to keep the plants regularly watered so that they avoid growing towards nearby sewer systems and invading the pipes. Get an inspection on your pipes done regularly, so you don’t have a plant infestation inside your pipes. This ensures you don’t have fractures, leaks, or breaks, which can cause huge problems.

  • Schedule inspections and check-ups on your pipes regularly
    During the summer months, the heat can cause pipes to crack or shift and experience problems. With regular inspections on your plumbing, we can continually evaluate the quality of the pipes and determine when repairs are needed or prevent accidents before they form.

  • Trust companies like Vietzke Trenchless to maintain your pipes
    Vietzke Trenchless is equipped with all of the tools necessary to fix pipes and keep them maintained. If you require assistance with any of the plumbing fixtures on your property, look no further than Vietzke Trenchless for assistance!

With emergency services available to you at all times, and a local establishment, Vietzke Trenchless is just the company for you to use for all your plumbing needs and concerns. Call us today for inspections and drain cleaning services at 509-244-9607 and we will be happy to help you!

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