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5 Easy Steps To Clean Your Drain Pipes

If you have a clogged drain pipe, you will notice slow drainage or recurring blockage. If this is the case with your drainage then you need to understand ways you can clean your drainage. If you live in Spokane, WA, you will encounter many drain cleaning companies offering cleaning services. So if you are overwhelmed on the best company to choose, why don’t you just do it yourself? Here is a look at the 5 easy steps to clean your drain pipe.

Remove the strainer

The first thing you need to do is to remove the strainer. You can do that by unscrewing or twisting it off. Once it is off, clean it thoroughly to remove the hair that may have twisted around it. Make sure you clean the drain opening before you replace the strainer. To ensure it is clean, you can run some hot water.

Plunge onward

If the first step didn’t work, it is advisable that you try your handy plunger, so first make sure you block possible overflow holes and drains of the other sink if available. Do this by stuffing rags. You can then run a couple of inches of water in the sink that needs cleaning.

For a tighter grip, make sure you rub a layer of petroleum jelly along the rim then place the plunger over the drain. Push up and down repeatedly for one or two minutes before running hot water in the sink. Use this water to confirm if the drain is clean and free from clog. Repeat this process to ensure the drain is completely clean.

Set the trap

The second step may not be as effective as most people would expect and this is why step 3 is important. You can remove and clean the trap. So place a bucket under the sink to catch water that may spill as you clean. Check for a plug in the trap situated in the base of the bend then pull it. Run a straightened coat hunger up the pipes to ensure they are free from debris.

Bring on the solutions

There are strong drain cleaners that can help unclog a drain. The good thing is that you can have homemade cleaners and avoid dangerous chemicals. For instance, you can use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to clean and remove clogs from your drain. Pour a cup of baking soda, one at a time, into the drain then a cup of hot vinegar and very hot water. The reaction will unclog the system.

To make sure the drain becomes cleaner than using this mixture, you should cover the drain and let it sit for around 30 minutes after pouring the mixture. You can also repeat the process in case the drain doesn’t run clear.

Maintain the drain

Once you have cleaned your drain, it is also important to maintain it to avoid future blockage. There are products in the market that have natural blend of bacteria and enzymes you should apply on a monthly basis. This normally eliminate organic build-up like grace or hair etc.

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