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Video Inspection of the Sewer Line

When there’s an issue with your sewer or water line, the cause of the problem is not always easily identifiable. For example, a sewer line that has become slow or completely blocked may have gotten that way because of a clog formed by the accumulation of grease and residue inside the pipe, or invasive roots from nearby trees may have done the damage. Or perhaps the sewer line has deteriorated to the point of complete collapse.

Knowing the exact nature of the problem as well as its exact location will help our service experts determine the right course of action to fix the problem. In order to complete a visual inspection of the sewer line, a small waterproof camera mounted to the end of a flexible rod can be inserted into the pipe. The camera is also equipped with sensitive location technology that allows our technicians to track its movement.


Hydrojetting is a procedure used to clear away clogs in drainpipes and sewer lines. Over the course of time, grease, grime and dirt stick to the inside of the pipes, slowly constricting the water flow. Other debris and organic material like hair can get caught in the sticky residue and eventually block the pipe completely.

When traditional mechanical means like augers have proven to be ineffective, hydrojetting is a great alternative. Pressurized water is forced through the drainpipe, smashing through any clogs and clearing away buildup along the pipe’s walls. This solution is also effective at getting rid of roots from trees that may have grown into the sewer line.

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● Cured-In-Place Pipe
● Sewer Hook-Up
● Pipe Boring
● Septic System Installation And Maintenance
● Drain Cleaning
● Sewer & Water Line Leak Repair
● Sewer Cleanout Installation
● Pipe Bursting
● Water Service Hook-Up

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