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About Trenchless Sewer Services in Pullman, WA

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Pipe Boring

If the idea of connecting to local sewer or water service is attractive to you but the thought of digging up your yard, damaging your driveway or demolishing your porch has stopped you from going ahead with it, there’s good news. Pipe boring, also known as horizontal directional drilling, is a trenchless method of installing new underground pipes.

Our service technicians will first drill an underground pilot path from one connection point to the other using a specially designed drill head equipped with location technology. The soil is hydraulically removed during the operation. The pilot path can then be widened to the appropriate diameter using a special reaming tool. In the final step, the new pipe is pulled through the underground path and is ready for connection. This method of installing new underground pipes has several benefits in addition to its annoying invasive nature. It is faster than traditional methods that involve digging and is less likely to damage other underground utilities.

Sewer Cleanout Installation

When there’s a problem with your sewer line, gaining easy access to it in order to find and resolve the issue can save time and money. A sewer clean out is a capped pipe off the main sewer line. The cleanout provides convenient and easy access for diagnostic and repair tools to enter the sewer line.

Your home may already be equipped with cleanouts in various points along the drainpipes. While these can prove to be practical, we also recommend installing a sewer cleanout outside of the building near the foundation. The reason for this is when a blockage occurs in the sewer line, a backlog of wastewater fills the drainpipes throughout your home. If a cleanout in the basement is opened, all that back up of waste will come rushing out of the pipes and spill into your home. Even though opening an outside cleanout will also release the backlog of waste contained in the pipes, at least having the mess outside will be preferable.

Other Services Offered By Vietzke Trenchless

● Drain Cleaning
● Cured-In-Place Pipe
● Septic System Installation And Maintenance
● Hydrojetting
● Pipe Bursting
● Video Sewer Inspection
● Sewer & Water Line Leak Repair
● Sewer Hook-Up
● Water Service Hook-Up

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