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About Trenchless Sewer Services in Pasco, WA

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Pipe Bursting

Replacing old and damaged water or sewer lines no longer requires digging up your entire yard, damaging your landscaping or harming the pavement. Instead, a trenchless solution called pipe bursting is available to do the job more quickly and cost effectively than the old traditional methods.

Our service experts will first dig two small holes at either end of the pipe that needs to be replaced. Then, using specialized technology, a steel expander head designed to break apart the old pipe is pulled through it. As it makes its way through, it pushes the broken pieces of the old pipe into the surrounding soil making room for the new replacement pipe, which is pulled directly behind it.

Sewer Cleanout Installation

A sewer cleanout is an access point to your sewer line made up of a capped pipe off the main sewer line. The cleanout can be installed outside, just beyond the foundation with the cap near or slightly above ground level. A cleanout is particularly useful when a clog or another problem occurs in your sewer line. The cleanout provides easy access for tools and machinery to repair the problem.

You may already have one or more cleanouts along the drain line inside your home, but adding a sewer cleanout outside has its own significant benefits. When a blockage occurs in the sewer line, the pipes leading up to the clog become loaded with waste. Opening a cleanout in the basement would cause all of that wastewater to rush out of the pipes and into your basement.
While using a cleanout located outdoors will still allow the wastewater to escape from the pipes, at least it will not cause a mess inside your home.

Other Services Offered By Vietzke Trenchless

● Drain Cleaning
● Septic System Installation And Maintenance
● Cured-In-Place Pipe
● Sewer & Water Line Leak Repair
● Hydrojetting
● Video Sewer Inspection
● Pipe Boring
● Sewer Hook-Up
● Water Service Hook-Up

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