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Sewer Line Repairs

Damaged or malfunctioning sewer lines are amongst homeowners’ worst nightmares. It conjures up images of raw sewage backed up into the home. Repairing the sewer line also evokes the picture of a front yard that is torn apart and damaged.

Fortunately, there is a technique to repair damaged sewer line that does not require extensive digging known as cured-in-place pipe rehabilitation. This repair method essentially creates a new pipe within the old one. A premeasured flexible tube is saturated with resin, sealed at one end and loaded into an inversion chamber. The open end of the tube is then fastened to the outside of the sewer pipe. Using pressure, the inversion chamber pushes the tube into the pipe, turning it inside out and pressing it against the pipes walls. The resin is then left to cure, resulting in a smooth, sturdy, seamless and durable sewer pipe.

Sewer Cleanout Installation

Another excellent way to avoid the backup of sewage into your home is by installing a sewer cleanout outside, near your home’s foundation. The sewer cleanout is a pipe off the main sewer line that is fitted with a threaded cap. The cleanout provides an easy access point for tools and equipment should a clog or other obstruction occur within the sewer line.

Although you may already have one or more cleanouts along the drainpipes inside your home, you may still wish to add one outside. If a blockage develops inside the sewer line, the pipes leading up to the clog become full of waste. When a cleanout is opened, the waste comes rushing out of the pipes and pours into your basement. If the cleanout that is opened is outside your home, your basement will be spared the unpleasant mess.

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